Case Study: Zivame

Find out how India’s largest online lingerie store achieved a 107% increase in ROI of their Facebook Ads.

"The AdWyze platform’s integrated view gives us unparalleled insights into areas like creative trends, audience, brand and category performance. The insights in addition to the automation allowed us to rapidly scale our Facebook account performance."

  • 107%

    Increase in ROAS

  • 53%

    Decrease in CPT

About Zivame

Zivame is India’s largest online lingerie store with a mix of private label and international brands.

Business Goals

Zivame uses Comscore’s DAX to track down the funnel impact of their campaigns. Efforts in the past to scale spends while maintaining ROAS had not been successful.

  • Increase in ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
  • Decrease in CPT (Cost per Transaction)


We helped Zivame integrate all the KPI’s they needed from multiple analytics platform and allowed them to measure campaign performance in a single place. This not only helped them save time but allowed them to optimize their campaigns on down the funnel events.

The AdWyze platform allowed them to create 100’s of variations of their campaigns and adsets, measure performance of different categories, brands etc by regions, cities, demographics to cut down spends on poor performing campaigns and scale the campaigns with strong performance. The platform’s ability to create rules based on their custom analytics and attribution allowed us to rapidly scale.

Lastly, they used the insights feature of the platform which allowed them to slice and dice creative performance by category, region, price etc. These insights helped them identify their best performing creatives quickly which gave their design team the data they needed to come up with better creatives. They also used the inbuilt image editor to quickly make changes to their creatives.


They were able to scale their monthly spend from $50k to $250k, while increasing ROAS.