Case Study: Koovs

Find out how one of India’s largest apparel retailers grew revenue by 6x on Facebook.

"The dramatic reduction in CAC after using the AdWyze platform has allowed us to significantly increase our share of spends on Facebook. The AdWyze team has also been extremely responsive and have rapidly added features after brainstorming.."

  • 91%

    Increase in ROAS

  • 43%

    Decrease in CPT

About Koovs

KOOVS is a one stop online fashion destination for all fashionistas. The website was launched in September 2012 with the aim of becoming the leading fashion e-commerce website in India. The website offers a fashion-forward, value-focused concept for young and aspirational consumers in India, with a wide range of branded and private label apparel products.

Business Goals

As a growing e-retailer, they were looking for a solution to increase website conversions and visibility to the targeted audience. Facebook’s share of wallet was a lot lower compared to other channels. Their main goals and objectives were-

  • Increase in ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
  • Decrease in CPT (Cost per Transaction)


They have been using the AdWyze platform since February 2015 and have seen a tremendous growth. With the ability to integrate Google Analytics and Appsflyer, they were able to use deep down the funnel data to optimize campaigns. We also helped them in ensuring that campaign structure best practices were followed to make it easier for analysis and optimization.

The ‘Insights’ feature of the platform, that allows them to get granular data on their campaigns based on variables like Location, Category, Brand etc helped them identify the targeting that worked the best. The location based analysis showed that 30% of their transactions were coming from New Delhi, followed by Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune. They used this data to create campaigns specific to these cities and cut down spends on cities with low conversions.

Similarly, from the gender based analysis they identified the creatives and categories that performed the best for men and women used this to come up with creatives that led to a huge impact in CTR’s and in turn lower CPC. They were also able to identify categories that led to higher revenue and instead of a uniform account level CPT metric, they now use differential metrics for different categories. Scaling the account came easy because of the rule based automation feature of the platform.


The AdWyze platform helped Koovs achieve a 91% increase in ROAS and 43% decrease in CPT. This led to an increase in their spends on Facebook by 2.15x, giving Facebook a bigger share of their wallet. By freeing up the time of marketers from repetitive tasks, they were able to focus on marketing strategy.