Case Study: Homelane

Find out how this smart interior solutions provider brought down their Cost per Lead by 74%.

"No partner provides deep integrations like AdWyze does. The team is highly responsive and is available 24 x 7 on Skype for any support requirements. The team not only helped on campaign strategy but also brainstormed new ways to improve lead quality."

  • 74%

    Decrease in CPL

About Homelane

HomeLane provides smart interior solutions customized to taste and home-delivered with a 5-year warranty. They are backed by marquee VC’s like Sequoia.

Business Goals

At HomeLane, their high average order value and customization requires users an offline touch, and their online campaigns focus on lead generation. To measure campaign performance, they use data from their CRM along with the data from Facebook and Google Analytics to make marketing decisions. Their goal was to have a single dashboard that enables real-time decision making for marketers.

  • Integrate CRM data with Facebook and Google Analytics numbers
  • Decrease Cost per Lead


The Homelane team used to spend a lot of time in slicing and dicing data from custom audiences, interests, lookalikes, demographics, product categories. They needed to get their CRM data and offline store behaviour to optimize campaigns, since this was a time consuming task it used to happen infrequently.

AdWyze helped them integrate their CRM into the platform and now they get this performance data real time. Metrics like phone calls, offline store visits can be now be mapped to their Facebook campaigns which helps them assign a quality score to their leads. We now are able to set differential pricing for audiences which has allowed us to get higher quality leads.


With the AdWyze platform Homelane was able to bring down their Cost Per Lead by 74%.