Case Study: Cars24

Find out how one of India’s largest used car buying platform saw a 127% drop in their Cost per Lead.

Cars24 - AdWyze

"AdWyze’s integration with our CRM allowed us to optimize to deep down the funnel events. The automation offered by the platform freed our time to focus on marketing strategy while the platform completely took care of repetitive tasks."

  • roas


    Increase in Transactions

  • cpt


    Decrease in CPL

  • revenue


    Increase in CTR

About Cars24 is India’s largest used car buying platform. The online platform ambitions to make the extensive and uncertain car selling process an easy, fair and quick experience.

Business Goals

Cars24’s goals from Facebook was to drive qualified leads the sales team would use these leads to close the transaction offline. Cars24 had very specific volume goals in the cities they were operating under and wanted to reduce their lead acquisition costs on Facebook.

  • transactions Increase in Transactions
  • cost per lead Decrease in Cost per Lead


Cars24 started using the AdWyze platform in February 2016. We identified and resolved Facebook pixel implementation problems which inflated the bids of their oCPM campaign, this allowed them to bid fair market value for the leads. Apart from their Analytics platform, we also integrated Cars 24’s CRM to the AdWyze platform, allowing them to see data from their campaigns for downstream events like in-store visits etc.

Cars24 use ‘Nudgespot’ for audience segmentation into buckets like ‘Store Visitors’, ‘Requested a quote’ etc. With AdWyze’s integrations, they could get this segmentation data on the platform as custom audiences this helped them remarket to this audience which in turn allowed them to cut down on the CPL.

AdWyze also has a very elaborate rules engine which allowed them to completely automate all campaign management, letting Cars24 team to focus on marketing strategy.


Cars24 were planning on decreasing their Facebook spends because of the high CPL (Cost per Lead). However, in less than a month’s time, after using the AdWyze platform, they saw a 127% drop in their CPL (Cost per Lead) and a 51% increase in transactions. Additionally, their CTR is up by 58% and 16% higher impressions than before.