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About adwyze

Experienced marketers work with tons of data. They use multiple data points to make decisions on their campaign performance. To get this data together, they download CSVs from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and match them campaign by campaign with data from their web or app analytics.

You ask a marketer what her most used platform is, and they would say Excel. An average marketer spends 20+ weekly hours getting this data together in Excel, but who has time for that?

AdWyze integrates with your advertising channels and your revenue reporting channels to give you a real time view of spends, revenues and lets you optimise your campaigns on down the funnel events. Performance marketers have seen a 50% average reduction in CAC after using the AdWyze platform.








Zach Coelius

Led the first AngelList syndicate into Cruise Automation which GM bought for over $1B. Former founder and CEO of Triggit.

Attila Jakab

Managing Director at Infectious Media, a leading programmatic agency based out of the UK.

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